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Dr. Steve Gandy CFSP, DPE, MBA, DipM

VP Global Business Development & End User Services at exida, with 45 years of experience in Safety and Controls, specializing in Process Safety Consulting, Cybersecurity Consulting, and Product Development

Tadeu Batista, CFSE

DeltaV SIS Business Manager at Emerson with over 20 years of experience in Process Systems and Solutions.

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How Safe is Your LNG?

A modern approach to managing risk with Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

Presented by NECI, Emerson, and exida

Today Now Your Desk!

The modernization of existing Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facilities is essential to ensure reliable service to customers and the adoption of modern, integrated Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) is a growing trend for LNG applications. Join this session to learn about the operational benefits of a systematic approach to managing risk:

  • Provide a critical layer of protection in LNG processes
  • Reliably protect your assets and improve availability
  • Help achieve (and surpass) IEC 61511 and other compliance requirements
  • Reduce false trips, incidents, and process disruption

We’ve partnered with exida, a leading provider of safety solutions to the LNG and power industries, as well as Emerson Automation Solutions to present the latest advancements in safety systems, along with the benefits for LNG facilities that adopt them.   

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