Take Control of your Cybersecurity

Discover, Manage, and Reduce ICS/OT Cybersecurity Risk

NECI has partnered with Dragos, the global leader in ICS and OT cybersecurity, to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions to our clients.

With cyber-attacks on industrial organizations increasing in frequency and sophistication, many organizations find themselves scrambling for solutions they can rely upon. NECI has partnered with Dragos to offer the most comprehensive defense against these targeted attacks and the resulting financial loss, operational downtime, and physical danger.

Delivering the expertise of the industry’s largest, most experienced team of ICS/OT practitioners, this Dragos/NECI solution ensures your security team is armed with the most up-to-date technology and intelligence to combat the world’s most sophisticated industrial adversaries.

Consider the benefits of this solution from your trusted partners at NECI:

  • Constant, unintrusive monitoring discerns normal system operations from abnormal activity for rapid, accurate threat detection
  • Reduce threat discovery time and respond to incidents before they cause damage
  • Prevent catastrophic downtime due to cyber intrusion

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